The LS Web team includes web and graphic design services for the College of Life Sciences. We are located in 5102 LSB.
Custom Website Development
Custom Website Development
The web team specializes in building custom data-driven web applications to fit the needs of faculty and staff in the College of Life Sciences.
Advanced Testing and Error Detection
Advanced Testing and Error Detection
Every application we develop undergoes a rigorous testing process to ensure quality product.
Website Training
Website Training
After we design and code a website, we provide training to faculty and staff members. This training covers the content management system so that we can empower those to whom the website belongs.
In-Depth Design Process
In-Depth Design Process
Before we begin programming any website, we undergo several stages of extensive design.
Collaboration and Connections
Collaboration and Connections
The members of the web team work with each other and with the LS service desk and engineering teams to maximize our assets to serve the College of Life Sciences. We constantly collaborate and use the outside input to create websites and applications that are efficient and user friendly.

Welcome to the Web Team

We support the teaching and learning activities in the college through the use of web-related activities.
Feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback.
"The Life Sciences IT team is very talented and easy to work with. They produce excellent work and worked with me each step of the way to create the apps I needed for my class."
— Dr. Jonathan Wisco, Physiology & Developmental Biology More Testimonials
"I worked with several of the Life Sciences Web Team members in the development, implementation, and subsequent adjustments to the Lichen Exchange website. In every case I found the members of the team to be helpful, cordial, and professional. They provided timely feedback as we fine-tuned the site and consistently responded with quick and effective solutions to the changes we needed in order to make the website more functional and user-friendly. We have been very pleased with the final product!"
— Larry St. Clair, M. L. Bean Museum More Testimonials
"The Life Sciences Web team helped us, Life Sciences Student Services, to design an efficient and user-friendly internship online-management system, and we could not be more pleased with how well this has come together! Kevin Bauer and his team listened well, asked all the right questions, and then would enhance our ideas with their ideas that worked better than our original thoughts. After a few months, it was ready for testing. We really appreciated the questions along the way to find out what WE wanted, rather than making some assumptions and designing it in a way that was more convenient for them. Any requests we’ve made for enhancements or additions or changes have been fulfilled quickly and perfectly. On rare occasions, there are error reports, and those are also dealt with in a very timely and professional manner.

We have really enjoyed our experience working with the BYU Life Science Web Team! They understand our needs and delivery a quality product in a timely fashion. We are delighted with the product and how it helps us to serve students who are earning internship credit in a manner where human error is greatly reduced, and where our program can be evaluated easily."
— Gale Larson, Student Services More Testimonials
"I had a big project I wanted done for our website. I told the web team what I wanted and they worked their magic. They were, as always, willing and excited to help me. The project turned out so much better than I imagined and their fast turnaround time was amazing!

Thank you LS web team for your hard work, dedication and continued support!"
— Justina Tavana, Biology More Testimonials
"I worked closely with Kevin Bauer in production of the Lytle Preserve Online Reservation Module. The Module was challenging in that we have four facilities that are rented and each is a different price and required an individual calendar. Kevin was able to look at the big picture, see what we needed, and created an effective program which we use almost daily.

Kevin was a delight to work with. He listened to our ideas and needs and then produced the module which enables visitors to schedule a facility for a specific group, and date. He was very clever in solving problems and was always willing to jump right in and complete the project or trouble shoot an addition we made! Everything he did was done professionally and very timely—especially in light of the fact that they have a lot on their plate and are extremely busy helping other departments in our college with custom requests.

Kevin and the rest of Danny’s team consistently respond promptly and professionally to our needs. We are very appreciative of all they do to keep the Museum on the cutting edge of technology."
— Patty Jones, M. L. Bean Museum More Testimonials
"The Life Science’s IT group hit a home run in its development and implementation of the new touchscreen interactive maps. With only a few weeks to implement the Deans’ ideas, designers, technicians, engineers and programmers worked together to bring about the best touchscreen interface on campus. During this process, input was provided and was received professionally and with no resistance. I could not be more pleased to have worked together with our college IT team!"
— Michael Barnes, Dean's Office More Testimonials
As with similar previous project, we created a table that can display a lot of information without taking too much space. It is user and browser friendly, much easier to navigate than a normal table, and more aesthetically pleasing.
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